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It's not ONLY about how you look; IT'S ABOUT WHO YOU ARE… Some Things Are Priceless

Having a family portrait on the wall

is like having a group hug every day.”

-Mary Ann Halpin

Our definition of family is very broad.

While there is the obvious family of parents and children, there are also families made up only of two spouses. A portrait of a single person is a family portrait, as is a portrait with pets. Even your closest friends can be considered family.

The best time to take a family portrait is NOW.

Family members' schedules can be difficult to coordinate, and it's easy to put off the portrait for later. You can turn a family portrait into a mini-reunion, or plan it around a holiday.

Remember that a family portrait is not a once-in-a-lifetime event. Families change; they may expand, they may shrink, and they always age. Any addition to the family, whether it's a baby or a new spouse, makes a good reason for a new family portrait.

If your family is composed of children we recommend having a family portrait no less than every three years.

Portraits are a GIFT you give YOURSELF,


Our Guarantee

We GUARANTEE that you will be thrilled, not just satisfied, with your selected photographs. If not we will gladly refund or re-photograph your custom portrait session.

Your choice? No hard feelings! No hassles!

What is a Custom Portrait?

A custom portrait is just that- individualized imagery that is tailored to clients using their input and personal preferences as a guide. We do everything possible to see that you have an awesome experience with us and that we capture wonderful visual memories that you will value and love for a lifetime.

We start the process with a complimentary portrait design consultation, preferably in person.

Portrait Design Consultation

A COMPLIMENTARY Design Consultation is required for those who would like to have a special portrait that captures the character and personality of those they love?

Every custom portrait begins with a discussion of your desires, ideas and subjects to be photographed. When you visit our studio you will learn about our portrait finishes, sizes, pricing and other design choices essential to creating a beautiful portrait. In addition we will also decide the date, time and location for your portrait session.

Appropriate session fees are paid at this time.

Some Things Are Priceless